Member’s Gallery

Photos are always welcome! To be considered for inclusion in our website, photos must be a minimum of 2 megapixels (1600 x 1200) pixels in order for them to display well. We will add up to 6 photos of member’s or specialty cars to our gallery.

If you wish to replace older photos, please advise which photos you want replaced. Send your photos in .jpg or .jpeg format to the Webmaster.

Note: All photos submitted to the Calgary Thunderbird Club for inclusion in the CTC Website become the property of the Calgary Thunderbird Club.

Wayne BROUGHTON’s 1985 Thunderbird Turbo Coupe

Bob CARR’S 1966 Convertible and 1967 Mustang

Bruce Christie’s 1955

Eric DONAGHUE’S 1963 Convertible

Bob Fellows & Freddy Taylor’s 1955

Mike FODEY’S 1962 Convertible

Dale & Sandra Foreman’s 1956

Mike Hartley’s 1920 Ford Model T Touring Car and 2018 Mustang Convertible

Ralph & Elizabeth HAZELWOOD’s 1955, 1970 4-Door, 2005 50th Anniversary Limited edition

Fred HIRSCHFELD’s 1962 Hardtop

Len & Linda HORBACK’S 1956

Tony IULIANI’S 1961 Convertible

Jim & Theresa JENKINS’ 1965 Landau

Jules KLEPAK’s 1955

Greg & Debbie KONDRO’S 1956

Ken & Liz LAPP’S 1964 Convertible

Dale LEE

Geoff LEE’s 1960 Convertible and 2002 Roadster

Larry & Gladys LEE’S 1968 2-Door Landau, 1977, 1996 LX, 2002 Roadster

John MABEE’S 1959 Convertible

Susan MACKENZIE’S 1967 4-door Landau

Jim MASLECK’S 1964 Convertible

Ian MCLENNAN’S 1962 Hardtop

Janice MCLENNAN’S 1957 Convertible

Andy MORRELL’S 1965 Landau

Keith ROBINSON’S 2002 Roadster

Steve RUBIO’S 1987 Sport Coupe

Peter SCHONEKESS’S 1962 Hardtop

Jeff & Gary STANILOFF’S 1956 Continental MK II and 1970 Lincoln Continental Mark III

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Brent TUCKER’S 1979 Mercury Cougar XR-7