A new feature for the site! Several of our members have the spirit of adventure and this will be the place to share them.

On the Road – by Jim Jenkins

Busy day this Saturday driving around getting classic car supplies.   How hot was it you ask? It was so hot my Thunderbird was overheating in the traffic so after talking to the Morpac boys, we decided to stop at Peters Drive In.  Tracker, our club mascot, was the hit of the large crowd at Peters which started the conversation about who owned the Thunderbird in the lot.  After hamburgers and drinks the T Bird had cooled down enough to continue.  Tracker wanted to drive the way home, only one problem though, he’s too short to see over the dash. 

Mustang vs. Camaro discussion with Chris Yeo at the Belmont Diner in Marda Loop, where everyone is either a “Love” or a “Dear”. Get there early to get a seat.