Founded in 2001, The Calgary Thunderbird Club initially started out as a place for Thunderbird owners to enjoy friendship, experiences, and share stories about the iconic Ford brand. This club and website are now dedicated to all Ford automobiles, and are for all enthusiasts of the marque, whether it be a Ford, Mercury, Meteor, or Lincoln.

*** Show and Shine 2022 photos are up! Click here to get to the page.

***Another successful Highway Cleanup done! Click here to see the photos.

**NEW PAGE!** “Behind the Viewfinder” features select shows and events around Calgary and surrounding areas. Check it out with this link or via the menu above. Updated September 16th – Atco Blue Flame Kitchen and Euro Cars and Coffee Porsche night.

What’s new? Check out the Events Calendar page for the latest show and event news. Updated September 8th, 2022

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Featured car for Fall 2022

Mike Hartley’s 1920 Ford Model T Touring Car

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The Calgary Thunderbird Club is a chapter of the Vintage Thunderbird Club International.